review and test our CX301 and CX332 road models review and test our CX301 and CX332 road models


"From our Technical Editor, Richard Gearing: As a not-so-proud owner of awkward feet, cycling shoes have been a constant battle. Having not only wide feet with but also a high instep and a tendency to pronate, results in a heady mix that writes off many options; and of the manufacturers who do produce a wide option shoe, these are often only offered in limited models from their range."

"A few years ago, Lake offered the CX402 as a replacement to their previous flagship shoe. Like the CX401 before it, they continued to offer a wide version. I found the previous CX401 to be far too roomy in the toe box but as soon as I tried on the new 402 I was sold. The shoe only got better after utilizing its moldable sole and spending some time riding in them, allowing the Kangaroo leather to conform to my foot."

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