My Lake Story by Heinrich Stroebel

My Lake Story by Heinrich Stroebel


Hi, I'm Heinrich, a semi professional cyclist and graphic designer with a thing for shoes.


That's how this whole thing started. I was introduced to the LAKE brand through one of the owners whilst working in Dubai. From the first moment I saw a pair LAKE shoes I fell in love with them. I knew I would probably end up buying all of them if I didn’t control myself. I was given detailed information about the shoes—from the highest quality materials used to make them, to the custom heat molding process. I've ridden with custom moldable shoes before and I know how comfortable a custom moldable shoe can be; I was hooked.


A few months later, my girlfriend came to visit me in Dubai. I started telling her about all these cool products that I got to work with—but most importantly the Lake shoes. We got engaged a few days later and it was absolutely fantastic, but I didn't want to leave Dubai without a pair of these amazing shoes. Low and behold I was informed that Lake offers a Custom Shoe Programme. I told my fiancée that I had to have them, managing to convince her by saying "I think in general it's pretty unfair that men don't get to wear an engagement ring. I mean it's special to them too, right?" We had a talk about it and I told her all about the custom shoe programme. We agreed to design a pair of shoes that would commemorate the date of our wedding and celebrate our engagement.


Now I am the proud owner of a pair of LAKE CX402 Custom shoes designed with my and my fiancée’s engagement rings, as well as our wedding date.


One thing is for sure: I'm not going to forget the wedding date. Now I just need to convince her to let me wear them at the wedding.


Kind regards,