Pleasant Surprises

Pleasant Surprises

Like walking on glorious angel butts! Maybe it’s mercury poisoning from all the canned tuna fish I had to eat saving up to buy these beauties, but the moment I put them on I literally felt my feet had been wrapped in supple, bulletproof rainbows. I was a bit skeptical at first of whether these would truly be worth the money, and I even felt a subtle twinge of buyer’s remorse after clicking ‘buy’, but the boots are definitely worth it.

First, I’ve been wearing them for commuting on my Surly Crosscheck in Philadelphia, and have used them a bit in snow on a fat tire in temperatures ranging from 12 degrees F (windchill was much colder) up to about 42 degrees F. Even riding on the coldest, gustiest days yet my feet have felt completely comfortable. On the warmest day, I could have used my summer biking shoes but wanted to test these instead, and I didn’t overheat. That being said, these are not warm weather boots.

Second, they are supremely easy to clip in with. I use Time Atac MTB pedals on EVERYTHING and these boots are intuitive when it comes to clipping in. No problems there whatsoever.

Third, walking around in these is intensely pleasurable. Honestly one of the most comfortable boots to walk in that I own, and my other pair is a 15 year old pair of Danner’s. These are legit. Very easy to transition from outdoor to indoor, and arent slick at all on wet tile, hardwood, etc.

Fourth, people WILL compliment you. The MXZ303′s are so super sharp looking, I got 4 compliments on them my first day at work. Some of the best looking boots I’ve seen. Period.

Fifth, they are secure on your foot, but also easy to slip on and off before/after commuting due to their finger loop on the back and easy mechanism of ratcheting on/off. The neoprene upper wraps around socks, scrubs, or whatever and makes a damn good seal. I wear them under rain pants if it’s a downpour and haven’t had wet feet yet.

As for sizing, I heard they run small so whereas I normally wear a 45, I ordered these in a 46 and they fit perfectly with my smartwool socks. Snug, but just right.

IMPRESSION: A must have for deep winter cycling. Toasty, beautiful, comfortable, strong and easy