CX 145 Wide 2015

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CX/TX Sport The higher cadence & longer ride times which characterize road cycling require excellent foot control to avoid hot-spots & numbness. With a much closer fit than any of our off-road lasts, our Sport last cradles the foot securely to prevent any unwanted movement. This last features a precisely fitted toe-box, high arch & mid width ball girth.



Lake Sport fiberglass-injected nylon. Available in 3 hole cleat pattern


Waxed Canvas, Leather and a Waterproof membrane for a highly water resistant upper


Dual Side mounted Push/Pull BOA L4 lacing system with releasable guides


Comfortable down to 25°F ( -4°C )

Tip for keeping your shoes Water resistant: The uppers are treated from the factory with a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating that will ware away over time and use. Like many other water-resistant products, to help keep the shoe uppers from absorbing water that could migrate into the shoe, it is recommended to reapply the upper with a DWR spray which are readily available at most stores that sell outdoor products. We recommend reapplying the coating 1-2 times a year for moderate riders and for heavy use or daily commuter riders reapply at least after every 2-3 extreme wet rides. For best result  follow the instructions from the DWR manufacture on how to reapply the coatings.

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