Action stations... it’s time for the Tour

Action stations... it’s time for the Tour

Winning & Losing with Marginal Gains

It’s that time of year again, when national champions have been crowned across road disciplines, one grand tour – the Giro – is already completed, and we’re literally days away from the start of Le Tour. In fact, as you read this, we’ll already have 3 days of the Tour de France out of the way. Three days of changing a rider's life, as they grab the opening yellow jersey opportunity; three days of changing a rider’s season, as they battle it out and fail to avoid the obvious crashes will occur, as the peloton power forward towards glory. Those in their first tour will be excited – as will those who’ve ridden this greatest of races several times.

Team Ineos rider from the recent Giro in Italy, Ben Swift, recalled his own Tour de France debut; saying how he still gets goose bumps when he talks of the feeling that he had on reaching Paris and hitting the atmosphere as he rode through the city and onto the Champs Elysee for the first time. Whilst Ben will be away riding elsewhere for this year’s tour, he’s already ridden one grand tour this season, for a team where every aspect of cycling performance is looked at in the minutest detail. Yes, marginal gains: those small and seemingly insignificant details that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Analysing detail, equals success

When we’re looking at designing a new range of cycling shoes; be it for road cycling, off-road or adventure cycling, here at Lake, detail has always been important. And yes, we’ll be watching the Le Tour over the next few weeks too – not only as cycling fans, but also to see how our shoes are performing, as rider’s such as Fred Wright of Bahrain Victorious compete for the coveted yellow jersey, over 21 epic stages.

It’s working closely with world-leading riders such as Fred and Ben that allow us to fine tune our research and innovation, as we constantly strive to design the world’s best cycling shoes. We already know that all cyclists' feet are unique, that they use them in different ways; but it’s the small and seemingly insignificantdetails from the world’s leading cyclists that help us to remain at the forefront of cycling shoe innovation. Yes, our new Lake CX333 road cycling shoe will be used by select riders as the peloton heads for Paris.

The best cycling shoe is the one that fits you

Some of our riders will choose a different option from our extensive range of the world’s most comfortable high-performance cycling shoes. Maybe the CX403, or the CX302, the ultimate lightweight climbing shoe. It provides a secure fit and superb power transfer without sacrificing comfort – critical aspects as the peloton heads to the climbs of the Alps and Pyrenees. Remember: it’s the small details that count and that will help the team towards glory as the rider's cycle into Paris, with that same feeling Ben Swift remembers form his own very first Tour de France.

Whilst we can’t promise you the same level of performance gain as Fred and Ben; or the chance to wear the coveted yellow jersey in Le Tour; what we can promise you is those all-important marginal gains in your own cycling. With your feet properly measured by our expert fitting partners, you’ll be dreaming of your own Tour de France glory, as you cycle along your home roads, wrapped in the world’s best cycling shoes – benefitting from the perfect balance between comfort, performance and style. It’s time to ride – it’s time for Le Tour!

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