Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå
(Cross-country & Marathon MTB)

>Norwegian born cross-country and marathon mountain biker who has one 2004 Olympic Gold for women's cross-country, six World & European championships & four UCI World cup Championships in a row. Gunn-Rita wears custom CX301 fitted with minimal rubber tread & an additional BOA dial on each shoe. The one of a kind shoes are made exclusively for this one of a kind athlete. Follow Gunn-Rita on instagram @mtbgunnrita

Spencer Cole (BMX Track)

American BMX track racer and 2019 USA BMX Track national Champion. This up and coming young athlete lights up the track with his incredible speed & vibrant personality. Spencer wears custom USA graphic MX332 shoes that match well with is national champion kit. Follow Spencer on Instagram @spencercole1

Sonya Looney (Ambassador & Pro Bike Racer)

American Ultra Endurance pro bike racer who holds multiple world titles for 24 hour marathon races. When not on the bike Sonya is Podcasting, running an apparel business Moxy & Grit while also active in the plant based nutrition community Plant Powered Tribe. Sonya has been critical in helping develop the MX/CX241 which she wears in custom graphic that match her cycling kits. Follow Sonya on Instagram @sonyalooney1

Josh Amberger
(Pro Triathlete)

Australian Pro Triathlete, Josh is traveling the world to participate at the top level in all Triathlon events. Josh currently wears black on black CX402. Follow Josh on Instagram @josh_amberger

Koochella Racing

American based racing team, Koochella Racing promotes Femme/Trans/Women (non-binary, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming inclusive) individuals in cycling through the development of a tightly-knit team that acts as champions of inclusivity, advocacy, volunteerism, and support. Koochella’s purpose is to elevate FTWs in the sport of cycling. Koochella Racing team members use CX237. Follow Koochella on Instagram @koochella_racing

Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches
(Pro Triathlete)

Canadian pro Triathlete, Antoine has his sights set for participating in the most demanding races the season has to offer while also promoting his nutrition philosophies for how to achieve peak performance naturally through an exclusive vegan diet. Antoine uses CX301 for competition & CX332 for training.  Follow Antoine on Instagram @antoinejdtri


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