CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Ultimate Comfort

CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Ultimate Comfort

- by Robert Thorpe, September 15, 2022

Our feet are unique - and, how we each use our feet is also unique. For example, over many years, running shoe manufacturers have designed different shoes for the variety of ways that people run, and how athletes place their feet down. Within cycling, we’ve been doing the same here at Lake for some time, with our designer, Hutch looking at how we can create the very best cycling shoe for your feet and its unique features, and how you use them to create power and performance. Here’s another interesting fact about the individuality of feet; did you also know that the police collect images of people's footwear, simply because of the uniqueness of how we walk. Now, we won’t take a picture of the sole of your shoe, but we will do everything that we can to ensure that your Lake cycling shoes are unique for you – because we simply love your feet! And, with all of that passion for cycling shoes, here’s a great road cycling shoe, made to provide the ultimate comfort and performance – our CX 241 model.   

Lake CX 241 Road Cycling Shoe

Welcome to the Lake CX 241!  The Lake 241 comes in a Road and Mountain Biking / Gravel version (MX 241), but today, we’re going to be telling you all about the road cycling version – the CX 241.  

Let’s take you through what makes this road cycling specific shoe so special. The Lake CX 241 Road Cycling shoe is a culmination of years of experience, research with athletes, advanced materials, and shoemaking techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type. Whatever the shape of your feet, or if you’ve got a specific foot condition such as bunions, or you’re healing up after treatment, this unique design of cycling shoe will very likely be a great fit for your feet.  It’s a shoe designed for feet that have their own specific issues, using our years of knowledge and research to create something very special for your cycling feet. 

Moldable Heel for Perfect Fit 

One great aspect of this shoe is the Lake innovation of the heat-moldable heel counter, along with a uniquely designed upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate feet with any instep height or foot volume without sacrificing comfort. Yes, this is a Road Cycling shoe with lots of technical features, designed to work in harmony with your own unique feet.  

Separated Upper Panels

Add to this, the fact that the upper has separated and articulated panels that allow the cyclist to fine tune the pressure and fit, with a simple twist of the dual BOA system. In use, these articulated panels allow the upper to be formed properly, like a second skin around sensitive and painful spots on the foot, without the level of constraint that is felt in traditional shoe uppers when your feet have those specific shape or skeletal problems. Quite simply, the articulated panels adjusted separately by each of the two BOA units (each with a lifetime guarantee), allowing you to choose the variations in compression and to improve the fit across the different areas of your feet. The result is a cycling shoe that fits like a second skin - whatever the shape of your foot.

The great benefits of this shoe are designed for, and felt mostly by those feet with specific skeletal issues, and Hutch, our chief designer has designed the CX 241 for those riders with foot issues such as bunions, deformation, or wide feet, who need a shoe that will not beat their feet up. We want to caress your foot, not harm it, because we all need to be comfortable on the bike, and to have the endurance needed to perform at our best. It’s what Hutch calls the ‘Yes-No’ shoe; yes, because if you have skeletal or surgical issues with your feet, then the articulated panels wrap themselves like a second skin and give you the necessary comfort.  However, if your feet don’t have these issues, then despite this looking like an awesome shoe – which it indeed is – it won’t necessarily provide you with the right lateral support, and you’d be far better choosing something like the CX 238, with the single panel of leather upper along the sides  

Ultimately, we want to provide you with the best cycling shoe for your own unique feet – because comfort is in our DNA. Thankfully, the number of fitting options that the CX 241 road cycling shoe gives to you, the rider, really does maximise your cycling performance every time – whatever your foot shapes. 

The Heart of the Shoe 

At the heart of this shoe is the Lake Cycling CX/TX Competition Last – With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure. The Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last, with the main differences being an increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth, to allow the foot to expand under high pedalling pressures. Again, this addition to the design is there to ensure that the CX 241 is the ultimate cycling shoe for those feet that other more regular designed cycling shoes often cause discomfort in. 

Ultimate Comfort

This very unique looking cycling shoe is brought neatly and stylishly together with high quality materials, wrapping your feet in performance technicity, by our Lake articulated upper panelling and the dual BOA adjustability mentioned earlier. We developed the Lake CX 241 to take good care of you, using the wealth of knowledge and technical expertise built up over the 40 years that we’ve been researching cyclist's feet for! 

So, next time that you’re looking for a great fitting shoe, for the uniqueness of your own feet, take a look at the Lake Cycling CX 241 Road Cycling shoe. We believe that it’s quite possibly the most comfortable Road Cycling shoe available today. Ultimately, every cyclist deserves some individual foot love – from our team here at Lake.   

Don’t forget to take a look at our Lake MX 241 Endurance too. Built using the same technical upper, but with a rugged off-road sole - made with all of our expertise, research and of course, that special Lake passion for your feet.  


  • Vince Wetherell

    For me, the CX241 has been a real game changer. I’ve always had wide feet, but now I have bunions (lucky me).Most cycling shoes (most shoes really) are long and narrow, so to get the right width I had to get shoes that were too long (bit like wearing canoes). Not with these shoes – the level of adjustment in the right area is fantastic and the shoes are now the right length. They are like slippers in their comfort level. I just bought my second pair as a back up, so that says it all really. A big Thank You to your designers!

  • Paul Churchill

    I wear a size US 15 (Eur 50 -51) but my feet are very narrow. Would you say this shoe is good for narrow feet? Will it still be snug?

  • Lisa Oberto

    BEST shoe I have ever owned!! They instantly made my feet more comfortable when cycling. Thank you!

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