Hit the trails – With Our new MX 201 Off-Road Shoe

Hit the trails – With Our new MX 201 Off-Road Shoe

For MTB, Gravel, Bike-Packing & Adventure

It’s important that all cycling brands listen to their customers, and to the various cycling communities. That’s how Lake Cycling has remained at the very top of our sport for over 40 years. We’re always looking to develop our range of cycling shoes, to ensure that they match the needs of cyclists and embrace new developments. Over recent years, there’s been a drive to produce sports footwear that matches the shape and size of the natural foot; to make a shoe last that is wider and more comfortable, allowing the foot to simply relax, whilst you work hard at your performance. Taking this on board, we developed the Comfort Plus Last, which embraces the current research regarding the natural foot shape. 

MX 201 

You Said – We Listened & Designed

We’ve also been looking with interest at the positive comments being made by cyclists from all around the world, reading our new Lake Cycling blogs. Many of you out there seem to want a wider and more comfortable off-road shoe – and here it is, the new MX 201.

Yes, Hutch and the team took some time to look closely at mountain biking and gravel riding, and how they’re developing.  As your comments have clearly indicated, many riders require a shoe that performs superbly on all bikes, as well as giving them ultimate comfort off the bike. This new technical off-road cycling shoe features:

  • Our all-new COMFORT PLUS LAST (superb for wider feet)
  • A wider toe box & generous forefoot platform, giving comfort to a multitude of foot shapes, allowing a more natural foot whilst riding
  • A Clarino Microfiber & NuFoam mesh upper, giving you an extremely breathable shoe for ultimate foot comfort 
  • An SPD compatible EVA Enduro Sole, with a semi-rigid Nylon midsole, for hiking & biking flexibility
  • Tectuff Toe protection to take on those trail knocks and keep you safely moving
  • BOA fastening system for a secure and close-fitting finish

    Clarino™ Microfiber for Performance, Function & Style

    Picking up where mother nature left off, the performance features of Clarino™ microfiber leather have become a benchmark in the footwear industry. Clarino™ allows for advanced engineering to maximize the physical properties of the material to perform like leather. Like the team here at Lake, the people who make Clarino™ believe in performance and function working in harmony; which is why chosen Clarino™ Microfiber for the MX 201 off-road shoe. It allows us to design a shoe that forms perfectly around the foot, with the BOA system wrapping the upper snugly and with the Microfiber retaining its strength and shape in all conditions, and over many years.

    MX 201


    The Off-Road Shoe for All Adventures

    Off-Road cycling can mean a multitude of things these days: a bikepacking adventure for days or weeks; a gravel bike ride in Spain; a steep enduro trail in the Alps; a fast mountain bike XC route in Colorado, or a simple mountain bike hike in the English Lake District. What all of these have in common is the need for a shoe that fits well and serves the comfort and performance needs of the rider, across all these biking adventures. Whatever your main choice of trail, the MX201 strikes the perfect balance for clipped in, flat pedal riding and all-day walking comfort, whilst also allowing the fitting of SPDs for a super secure foot placement. The addition of TECTUFF toe protection on the new MX 201, also enables the upper to breathe and adds necessary strength for the tough trail terrain. It’ll take a multitude of knocks and keep looking after your precious feet all day long.

    We believe that it’s the perfect shoe for those hiking and biking days, or a combination of the two! The semi-flexible rubber sole offers cyclists a superb grip on all surfaces, in harmony with that necessary flexibility for walking and the stiffness needed for all day mountain adventures. Having myself had to walk up many a steep mountain whilst carrying my bike, purely and simply for the forthcoming adrenaline rush as we ride down at break-neck speed, it’s a bonus to have a shoe that allows for comfort when not riding.

    Ultimate Comfort, Whatever Your Ride

    Yes, if you’re looking for the perfect off-road cycling shoe for your biking travels in 2023, try our new Lake Cycling MX201 for size. It’s designed to take your trail riding comfort and performance to the next level - onwards and upwards, then down again, with wide smiles and with your feet wrapped in our legendary Lake comfort.

    We’ve been at the forefront of cycling shoe development and design for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve always looked to the future, producing cycling shoes that aim to maximise rider comfort and performance. It’s in our DNA, and we recognise that not all feet are the same - in fact, they’re as unique as you. Our new Lake MX 201 is the off-road cycling shoe that answers many questions for riders, and which allows you the freedom to keep on exploring. There’s an old saying: ‘Buy cheap, by twice. Buy well, buy once.’

    We don’t aim to be the cheapest cycling shoe brand – we do, however, continually strive to be the very best… and the least expensive in the longer term - because your comfort and foot health is priceless, and you deserve nothing less.  You deserve the MX 201 – the perfect shoe for adventure seekers on two wheels!


    • Ed Ebs

      Sooooo excited there’s a ‘natural’ foot shape shoe now on the market!! I’ve been dreaming of a last with a similar shape to my Altras, but that could clip in to that solid bike feel. Very much looking forward to getting a pair sometime soon. Thanks Lake!!!! :D

    • Mike Stevens

      I love my cx241 and now cx242. They are so far the only shoes that are wide enough without having an extra inch of dead space in the toe box.

      So reviewing the size chart it is interesting to me how the “Comfort Plus” last is 6mm narrower than the wide “Competition” lasts (in my size 40.5 – fwiw I wish more lasts were wider – especially the top line race shoes.) So while this is a nice shoe for most people and I’m sure it’s built with the same attention to detail and quality as the others, I’ll not be considering it because my extraordinarily wide feet need every mm I can get in the toe box!

    • Michael Cundall

      The features look awesome and it looks stylish too. If it lasts as long my other Lake shoes, it’s well worth the price. I’ll def be looking at getting a pair. Well done guys.

    • Hannes Heikkinen

      Hey. Seems like an expensive shoe considering the features. 100€ too much price. If there was goretex, the price would be understandable.

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