It’s Time to Tri

It’s Time to Tri

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Capturing the growth in Tri & Duathlon

Triathlon isn’t just an event... and, before you answer – it's not just 3 events either! No, triathlon is a whole lifestyle, because the people who participate in this toughest of sports, live and breathe it every single day. And, when they’re dedicating so much time to their training and racing, then we at Lake cycling shoes ought to dedicate time and energy into producing the very best triathlon shoes in the world for them to compete in.

The Lake TX213 Air is our entry level triathlon shoe; but don’t be fooled – this is no entry-level shoe. It’s a technical, performance shoe for triathletes, designed using the years of experience that we’ve gained here at Lake, supporting triathletes across the globe. In terms of it being the right shoe for you and your own endeavours, then a visit to one of our global dealership partners and having your hard-working triathlon feet measured will tell us – and tell you too, because ultimately, you’re unique.

Both triathlon and duathlon are growth sports currently, with increasing numbers of people wanting to take on the ultimate sporting challenge. Whether it’s at elite level, club level, or simply as a personal thing for you to achieve, it’s important to look after your feet. Remember, with 3 different transitions to test you, every piece of kit is critical.

TX 213 Air


Lake TX213 Air Triathlon Shoe

We’ve been designing shoes for triathletes for many years, and the Lake TX213 is testimony to the time that we’ve spent speaking with competitors to ensure that we produce a triathlon shoe that does exactly what’srequired and nothing more – other than giving you the ultimate in cycling shoe comfort. The TX213 is a very impressive all-around Triathlon shoe that is lightweight, breathable, fast drying and fast in the transitions.  It uses our CX Sport Last and comes with a Clarino Microfiber upper with NuFOAM™ breathable, wicking shell across the upper, with Trek-Dry antimicrobial liner for maximum air flow and breathability for the foot.

NuFoam’s unique design works in a way that keeps your foot feeling cool and dry. The innermost layer of the NuFoam package is Trek-Dry antimicrobial & wicking fabric made from carbonized bamboo. The Trek-dry draws moister away from the foot towards the surface of the shoe. The middle layer of the Nufoam package is a 2mm closed cell perforated foam that works as a spacer to allow air to flow into the shoe, thus creating evaporation. This process works as a cooling system, as the evaporating moisture is used to cool the foot down, while also keeping it dry and comfortable.

Yes, we understand the requirement for a breathable moisture management system, with built-in stretch for a secure platform for when you’re pedalling, and the TX213 is perfect in these areas.  The extended heel loop has also been well thought out, allowing you to grab and to pull the shoe on during transitions; and, we’veadded an elasticated holding system around the foot and ankle area, for fast shoe positioning.

Stability is Key

As with any cycle sport related event, stability of the foot and the shoe is always critical. The TX213 is stabilized with a moldable carbon fiber heel counter and has a Road Sport Fiberglass injected nylon outsole (3-hole compatible), for an extensive selection of cleats. Add to this, Lake’ s Nylon sole is world famous across the cycling community for it’ s uncompromising comfort and is what puts the TX213 ahead of the competition.

Closure and wrapping the shoe around your foot is dealt with by dual hook & loop straps, with a 40mm+ top strap for ultra-secure closure and comfortable foot hold.

TX 213 Air

The Triathlon Shoe for Everyone

Ultimately, the Lake TX213 is a shoe for everyone, coming with the stiffest and most comfortable nylon sole available today, producing excellent power transfer for all rider levels. Yes, if you’re looking for that perfect trilogy to support your triathlon goals: performance, form and fit, then look closely at our range of shoes for triathletes and wrap yourself in that legendary Lake comfort.

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