Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #10

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #10
You should see me house right now! I’ve got birds flying everywhere and now some guys are jumping over everything - it’s chaos! 

‘On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, 10 Lords a Leaping… ‘ 

Okay, I’m a reasonable kind of person. I’ve put up with numerous birds sent in the mail, and swans taking over the garden. I didn’t even mind when 8 dairy maids arrived - but these guys! No, please no!  

They’re literally jumping non-stop and there’s 10 of them. It’s like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in the house and I may have to move the Christmas tree before it gets felled - again! I like fun yes, but hey, next time just send me some nice and colourful, coloured replacement BOA dials from Lake, to jazz up my cycling shoes.  

BOA Dial IP1/IP1S Colour Replacement Kit 

In a variety of cool colours, these BOA dials will add that extra touch to your already superb Lake Cycling Shoes, giving your shoes that individual style. At any time of the year, if you or your partner love your cycling and you love your shoes, then a bit of additional styling is the perfect Christmas gift for the cyclist that has everything.  

The BOA Replacement Kit includes:  

  • 1 pair of colour dials (1 Left & 1 Right) 
  • 2 replacement CS1 laces  
  • 1 BOA tool 

Shoes requiring 4 dials total will require two replacement kits.  

The IP1/IP1S BOA kits are compatible with the following models: 

CX403* CX/MX332* CX/MX241* CX/MX238* MX168 CX/MX145 MXZ400 

As Christmas draws closer and you struggle to find the right gift, simply take a look at our accessories and add that little extra touch to your Lake Cycling Shoes, with the super cool colours available from the BOA replacement kit.

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