Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #12

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #12

 Enough! I can’t take anymore! I’m moving to a small deserted Island!  

‘On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, 12 Drummers drumming… ‘ 

What would you think - I ask you. Birds of all varieties, Lords a leaping, dancing Ladies, Milk Maids, and then Pipers waking the neighbourhood… could it get worse. Yes - and it has. 

Accompanying the Pipers dawn chorus today, there were 12 drummers lined up. They even scared off the geese, which I suppose is small consolation. I thought that I’d behaved all year, but clearly not - this gift list is a punishment, I’m sure. I’m a humble person, and would have been quite happy with a Lake Cycling ‘Leather shoe care kit’ to look after my awesome Lake cycling shoes.  

Lake Cycling: Leather Shoe Care Kit 

If you’re in the hunt for that small, cycling related gift for your family and friends this Christmas, why not send them some Lake Cycling love for their shoes, and help to keep their feet wrapped in comfort for longer - because we don’t just love feet, we love great cycling shoes too.  

Leather is a special material and needs special attention to make sure that it stays looking good and performing to its best. That’s why we’ve put together this great little 5-piece shoe care kit for maintaining and protecting your super comfortable Lake Cycling shoes.  

The kit includes:  

  • Pecard Leather Lotion for basic maintenance for Action Leather, Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (Not usable on Suede Leather) 

  • Pecard Shoe Oil for conditioning & weather-proofing Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (Not usable on Action Leather or Suede Leather) 

  • Pecard Leather Dressing for protecting, restoring & weather-proofing Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (Not usable on Action Leather or Suede Leather) 
• Applicator cloth 
• Cleaning brush 

Now, that’s got to be an easier and quieter stocking filler gift than 12 drummers😉.  

Merry Christmas to one and all. We hope that you have a truly magical festive season, from all of us here at Lake Cycling. 

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