Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #5

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #5

Five gold rings - whaaat! I’ll look like a 1970s car salesman!

‘On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, Five Gold Rings…’

I appreciate the sentiment, I really do. However, I’m not really a multiple ringed finger kind of person. I’m a cyclist, and the gloves certainly won’t fit over 5 heavily ringed fingers!

I’d been hoping for the Lake Cycling MX 238 Gravel cycling shoe, to go with my nice Orbea gravel bike. Instead, I’m now looking after numerous birds, and I haven’t seen the cats for 2 days.  Who wouldn’t want a Christmas gift of gravel bike shoes, from the world’s best cycle shoe brand.

Lake Cycling - MX 238 Gravel

As gravel riding becomes even more popular, we decided to design an off-road cycling shoe specifically for this new and exciting trail riding discipline. Our designer, Hutch knows cycling shoes and feet better than just about anyone, and these come with our Lake Cycling customary, superb comfort and fit.

Maximise Your Mixed Terrain Riding

The Lake MX238 Gravel Shoe offers gravel and mixed-terrain riders the comfort and performance of a road shoe, together with the walkability of a mountain bike shoe, and yet without the addition of excessive weight or bulk. It’s an exceptionally secure fitting shoe, for hard riding/racing and yet with enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when running up inclines or negotiating a hike-a-bike section.  Designed for performance riding & racing, it’s far more useful this Christmas than a house full of various birds and 5 gold rings😉.

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