Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #8

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #8

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #8

I now need a bigger house, as the birds are all over the place…

‘On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, 8 Maids a milking… ‘

I opened the door today and found that 8 farm hands had arrived - Lord knows where from - apparently looking for cows to milk. I don’t have cows, but I do unfortunately have a variety of birds of all kinds, living all over the house. Thankfully, I was able to convince the maids that I’d help them to find their herd of cows if they helped me to look after Doves, Calling Birds, Swans and Hens.

Now, I can probably find time to get ready for Christmas, and maybe even get a bike ride in. Instead of sending me 8 Maids looking to milk cows, why oh why didn’t my partner send me a pair of the new Lake Cycling MX168 Endura off-road shoes! They’re far more useful than a house filled with a variety of birds and 8 unwanted guests who I now have to find rooms for.

Lake Cycling MX 168 Enduro Shoe - time to hit the trails

Riding a technical trail in winter is all about allowing the bike the freedom to move with you. Using flat pedals, you can learn to control the bike better, and with the MX 168 and its ultra-bomb proof rubber Enduro Sole, with Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts, your feet will be firmly placed on the pedal and you’ll also be comfortable on those steep and slippery bike hike sections too. Using our Lake MX Sport Last, this off-road mountain bike shoe features a larger, roomier toe-box than our Comfort Last, while providing that necessary increased foot control through the heel & saddle of the foot.

The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day, allowing you to seek the thrills, but without the spills! Go on, get the Lake MX 168 Enduro on your Christmas list today, and hit the hills this winter with the legendary Lake comfort and control.

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