Style versus Substance: what's the verdict?

Style versus Substance: what's the verdict?

Producing shoes to perform & that look the part

We’ve written at length in recent times, about the differences between cyclist's feet. That also includes the fact that pro riders tend to have a narrower foot, due to the weight bearing issue – being on a bike so much during their formative years. Add to this, the differences with women’s feet, and you’ve got a whole spectrum of foot shapes and sizes and widths to deal with. Our Chief Designer, Hutch, has his work cut out when designing the best cycling shoes in the world. Thankfully though, he understands the issues better than anyone, and ensures that Lake shoes always fit the foot as a priority, providing the ultimate in cycling shoe comfort.

The debate goes on though, around style versus substance. We like to think that, here at Lake, our shoes are filled with the right ingredients to give that necessary substance; and that alongside the best performance and comfort, they also look kind of good too – yes, that’s important, and it’s an important balance for cyclists. At the top of the list though, fit and comfort has to be first. Without these two elements being in focus, the cyclist will encounter a range of problems, some of which will undoubtably have the potential to lead to medical issues – bunions for instance, and numbness in the toes.

Yes, we could design a super sleek and slim cycling shoe, but you’d have to cram your foot into it, and then hobble to your bike, take painkillers whilst riding and try to smile for the camera. The shoe might look awesome in terms of style and aesthetics, but ultimately, it’s the substance of the shoe that counts

Finding the right fit

There’s a reason why we train our expert shoe fitting partners, and why we recommend that all cyclists have their feet properly measured. It’s not simply a case of the length of the foot; the width comes into play, as does the volume and the shape of the foot. Add to this, how your legs work on the bike, which a bike-fitter will analyse, and you’ve got so many variables to consider. That’s why we produce the most extensive range of cycling shoes in the world, with the most shoe ‘lasts’ in the cycling shoe industry. It's because we want to give you the right shoe for your own unique feet, and to give you the most comfortable ride possible – all day long.

Achieving the golden trilogy

Going back to the initial question then, ‘style versus substance’, the real debate ought to be: ‘how we achieve the golden trilogy of cycling shoes – comfort, performance and style, in perfect harmony?’ Ultimately, and in that order, one simply follows the other.

Hutch and the Lake Cycling design team spend a long time, travelling the world, talking to cyclists at all levels, examining feet, and speaking to experts in foot health, fabric technology etc, before they even begin to design the best cycling shoes in the world. Then, by the time that they do begin the creative process, you the cyclist (a very important element in all of this), well, you get cycling shoes like the new CX333, the best cycling shoe in the world – the evolution of the cycling shoe, wrapping your feet in that golden trilogy of comfort, performance and style.

And so, next time that you’re looking at the right cycling shoe for your feet, start by visiting one of our Lake Cycling Shoe experts and getting your feet properly measured. Put aside that question of style versus substance, and simply sit back, relax and trust in the expertise that’s been designing the best cycling shoes in the world for over 40 years. It’s time to wrap your feet in ultimate comfort, so join the new revolution – and ride with Lake looking after your feet in 2024!

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  • Todd Taylor

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of cyclists… and anyone purchasing any kind of shoe… makes the purchase decision primarily based on style. It’s not until later in life when a person starts having foot issues that he or she may come to the conclusion that cool looking but ill-fitting shoes actually caused the problem. It’s at that point when people start turning to Lake for solutions as 99% of the other cycling shoe manufacturers don’t cater to people who have different width feet. Now if we could get some more Lake shoe models without toe crushing, pointy toes like all the other brands have, I’d be a happy camper!

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