Why Wide Shoes Will Benefit You

Why Wide Shoes Will Benefit You

- by Robert Thorpe, October 1, 2022


Cycling shoes can be a mixed bag for most riders. Historically, many brands have produced narrow shoes, and shoes that look slim and sleek, but which don’t allow your foot to spread in a normal manner. These brands often deal with this, simply by adding volume to the upper, on a regular or narrow sole (or last). The result is that your foot doesn’t sit comfortably and is pulled inwards and upwards to try and fit - causing discomfort and often pain. 

Here’s something that you can try, and you’ll see what we mean – ready...  


Take out the insole or footbed from your current cycling shoes, whatever brand it is. Then, place the footbed down on the ground and put your open foot over it. You’ll see immediately if your foot stays within the edges of the footbed or it overhangs. If it overhangs, then there’s a good possibility that your current road cycling shoes or off-road gravel biking or mountain biking shoes are simply not the right width.  

Ask yourself this question: did you get your feet professionally measured? You probably ride a great road bike or mountain bike. And, your cycling kit is likely to be top quality too. Yet, your feet are doing so much work, attached to the bike all the time and producing the power transfer momentum. Which is why you should be wearing the best cycling shoes available - and the right width for your feet. We’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating - comfort is our DNA, and we love your feet.  


That’s why here at Lake Cycling, we produce road and off-road cycling shoes in extra wide fittings. And, it’s why we train our specialist shoe fitters at our retail partners - it gives you the best cycling shoe fitting service available. We also have custom insoles available, to really add to that foot comfort, and to truly capture the natural shape of your foot, whilst you’re cycling.  


Raven™ Insoles composite foot cradle is designed to be reshaped to your foot. The heel cup of the cradle has small slits made around the upper radius, to allow the cup to expand for larger sized feet. These slits may or may not be visible after moulding. 
Raven™ Insoles are compatible with most cycling shoes, and really do add to your comfort, and through this maximising performance.   

Adding custom insoles to our range of cycling shoes, such as the CX 238 Road Cycling shoe, will benefit your overall foot health, removing those painful niggles that you may be experiencing with other shoes, where volume is used instead of width.


The CX 238 is shaped for a better, more comfortable fit, and the Competition last increases toe pitch and heel lift, allowing the foot to expand under high pedalling pressure. Supporting the shoe is Lake's Race carbon fibre sole, offering impressive stiffness and power transfer while remaining low in weight. To protect the shoe from premature wear, the full-grain leather upper boasts a panel at the heel and a rubber bumper at the toe, plus mesh panels for proper ventilation. 

Designed for high-pressure riding, the Lake CX238's wider forefoot provides the relief you need to focus on the road ahead. You deserve the very best cycling shoes, for your comfort, your health and to ensure that you maximise smiles when cycling those miles. Visit our Lake Cycling retail partners today, and let them use their cycling shoe fitting expertise to maximise your cycling comfort - after all, it’s in our DNA. 


  • Frank Lum

    Which shoes have tall boxes for riders with hammer toes?

  • Jeff Klein

    Lake xtra wide shoes saved after years of trying to stuff my 3E wide feet into smaller shoes. I pulled out my inserts one day and did the exact test that you mentioned and my feet were hanging over the sides. Note I had a tailors bunion and I believe that was caused by wearing small or narrow shoes; this can be a problem and generate other issues. Thanks Lake!

  • Kevin Keegan

    You need to do an extra-wide also

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