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Ride into adventure
The new Lake MX30G off-road shoe We’ve spoken before about the growth of gravel biking across the world. In fact, we’re the first cycling shoe brand globally, to separate out mountain biking shoes and gravel biking shoes on our website;...
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Pump up the volume
Cyclists can tune in to a perfect fit with Lake There are certain things that cyclists share: a love for adventure; a healthy lifestyle; coffee stops and a post ride cake - and a desire to be comfortable all ride...
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Salt Dog Cycling
Leading from the front Richard Sault is an interesting character - he really is. This quietly spoken, sports-mad family man, has created one of the most well-respected cycling retail businesses in the U.K. online marketplace. As a partner for us...
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Designing cycling shoes to perform
Why Lake makes the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world We often talk about pattern work and the materials of our products, and those two elements are a major part of the core/foundation of our shoe ranges. It is...
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