Getting ready for winter

Getting ready for winter

Boots for the Commute – the new Lake Cycling MXZ120 Boot

We like to stay ahead of the curve here at Lake. Our team are always looking at ways in which we can bring even more comfort to cyclists across the world. And, at a time when wet is often the predominant weather factor, and so many people are now cycling to work, or cycling to shop in the daily lives, we thought it might be kind of neat if we designed a new cycling boot that’s also awesome for the commute.

Yes, here it is guys, coming to you soon through our global dealer partnerships, the all-new Lake cycling MXZ120 cycling boot - our first autumn-winter specific model built on our famous Comfort Plus Last.

This classically styled hiker and biker boot has a modern touch to it and is full of technical innovations. It’s also SPD compatible, meaning that you can clip in, stay securely attached to the pedals and transfer power all the way into town and back again. Best of all, once you’re at your destination, the MXZ 120 allows you to comfortably walk around the shops, walk to the office or wherever else that you’re heading to.

The Cycling boot for hikers & Bikers

We’ve specifically designed the new MXZ 120 to be ideal for both walking and cycling. It features that all-important water-resistant and breathable leather upper, along with plenty of insulation to keep your feet warm without making them sweaty. Yes, summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to start planning for colder weather – and colder feet! With a semi-flexible nylon sole, the MXZ120 is just as comfortable off the bike as it is on; and we think that the classic hiking boot styling is also kind of cool.

Hutch and the design team have also taken on board the obvious issues with foot widths, giving the MXZ120 a generous toe box is “naturally foot shaped” so that you have plenty of toe wiggle room and space for your favourite wool socks. It’ll also take our Lake insulated insole, when the temperature really drops. With a Full-grain Water Resistant Leather upper, alongside the Helcor Abrasion & Water-Resistant Leather Protection panels at the toe and the heel, you’ve got a durable and extremely comfortable boot that will last you for years to come, keeping your commuting or adventure seeking feet wrapped in our legendary Lake cycling shoe comfort.

These boots are made for those tough hike-a-bike days of adventure into the hills, and are also ideal for that gravel bike ride, or that trip into the hills, where walking up steep trails leads to miles of smiles coming down! Add to this, the Thinsulate Insulation from toe to heel, which has the loft to give a comfortable & insulating barrier that does not absorb water & maintains breathability so that moisture dos not become trapped into the core of the boots, and you’ve got what we believe is the very best boot for cyclists looking for multi-use cycling footwear in all weathers.

MXZ 120


Happy feet make Happy Cyclists

Let’s get the heart of what makes the new Lake MXZ120 such a fantastic piece of footwear for cyclists – it has excellent soul... or an excellent ‘Sole’ to be specific 😉

It comes with an ultra-comfortable Real Rubber and EVA Enduro Sole with a semi-rigid Nylon midsole. Not only does the MXZ120 feature Lake’s Legendary Fiberglass Injected Nylon sole formula; but the all-new design has incredible grip and durability for all day cycling, should you choose to wrap it around your feet on a mountain adventure, or city tour on 2-wheels.

In terms of the closure system, we’ve chosen that most adaptable of options – laces! Durable and easily replaceable laces that offer you an unlimited and ultimate customization for fit and that much needed comfort. Nobody looks after your feet like Lake do, and the new MXZ120 is designed to do just that – for bikers who are maybe also hikers and want their feet to be as happy as they are.  Yes, that commute may get wet, and those trails may get muddier; however, as Nancy Sinatra sang in the 1960s: “these boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do...”  - and they’ll do it in the most comfortable way possible, because they’re made by Lake!

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  • pierre

    Why are they not yet available in Canada? The defunct mxz200 has not yet been replaced here and yet it is colder here than in the USA. We need something warmer like this with a square toe box . Btw could you confirm me that this new mxz120 have the same toe box square shape as the 169-201? little toes are tired of suffering.

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