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Forever in Electric Dreams – Off-Road EBike Adventures
The Lake MX177 off-roads shoe offers incredible performance, stability and all-day comfort in an extremely durable and budget-friendly design. As we head out of winter and towards spring, it’s an ideal choice for the rider looking for off-road adventures – especially on an Ebike.
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Determined To Win

For Daphny, the feeling of exhilaration and freedom of mountain biking is wonderful - especially the off-road descending. Listening to Daphny, she’s clearly determined in everything that she does, and her eyes do literally light up at certain points in the conversation. She’s a perfectionist, which is why she and Johan themselves use Lake Cycling Shoes and stock our vast range of cycling shoe styles, across all cycling disciplines, for their knowledgeable customers.  

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Cycle Shoe Maintenance, with Hutch
Written by Hutch & Robert Cycling shoes are like any other product in any other sport or industry. They’re designed and made for a particular purpose, and that design has to be a balance between performance and protection. Yes, we...
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