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Lake Seasonal Rides - Autumn Cycling in the Yorkshire Dales

Here at Lake, our team and our ambassadors ride the best road and mountain biking routes all over the globe. We want to share a few of our favourite rides with you, so join us on a classic road cycling ride though the Yorkshire Dales, as our blog editor Robert takes you through the winding roads of Wensleydale and Coverdale, testing out our CX 219 Road Cycling Shoe. These hills have hosted the Tour de France and the UCI Road World Championships, and now they’ll host you, as You join us here at Lake on a cycling adventure. 

Take a ride with us on one of the world's best cycling routes, and join us on more rides across the globe, as our team and our ambassadors share our love for cycling with you, on their favourite road cycling, mountain biking and gravel bike routes all over the world. Riding in style and comfort – in Lake Cycling shoes. 

Follow the link in our bio and read the complete blog and route details.

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CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Ultimate Comfort

The Lake CX 241 Road Cycling shoe is a culmination of years of experience, research with athletes, advanced materials, and shoemaking techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type. Whatever the shape of your feet, or whether or not you’ve got a specific foot condition such as bunions, or you’re healing up after treatment, this unique design of this cycling shoe will very likely be a great fit for your troublesome feet, with its articulated upper and dual BOA fastening.   

The average design for a cycling shoe upper is a single piece of leather or fabric. It provides lateral support, but doesn’t wrap well around a foot with unusual shape or structural issues. The articulated upper of our CX 241 does just that – wrapping you in foot love and comfort.  

If you’d like to know more about this cutting-edge cycling shoe, then simply follow the link in our bio.  

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It’s Time to Get Cross - Cyclocross Season Begins

Having the right footwear for cyclocross is critical, to ensure that the mud and course debris falls away from the footbed, and that the foot and shoe remains stable and at times, on your foot, as the mud works against you and your efforts to propel the bike forward. Cyclocross is certainly a messy sport, with riders often ending up unrecognisable, and their bikes looking unusable!  

Here at Lake, we were the first cycling shoe brand to design a Cyclocross specific shoe. Our latest design, the MX 238 off-road Cycling Shoe is the perfect cycling shoe for both Cyclocross and for Mountain Biking XC, with the Lake Competition 100% Carbon Fiber Sole, and its Mountain Race X real rubber sole. It sheds the soil well and gives you the grip that you need.  

Read more about it and our full range of cycling shoes at our w website, by following the link in our bio.  

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Meet Our Team – Hutch, The Designer

Cycling shoes aren’t simple objects to create. After all, the human foot is a very complex structure. That’s why our cycling shoes are made up from over 34 different component parts. How we mix these ingredients is what makes Lake different from other brands.    

Thankfully, we have Hutch, our chief designer and a guy who’s been at Lake, designing Cycling shoes for rider's feet all over the world, for over 24 years now. Hutch believes in creating the ultimate level of comfort in every shoe that he designs, whatever your cycling style. Once you know a little bit more about our team here at Lake, we hope that you’ll realise and understand the importance that Hutch and all of us at Lake give to your comfort when cycling.  

Click the link in our bio to read more about Hutch and our superb range of cycling shoes, designed for ultimate rider comfort, with performance built in.  

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Lake Cycling - born through innovation
Here at Lake Cycling, we’ve been at the forefront of cycling footwear technology and advancements since 1982. That’s a long time, looking at and looking after cyclists' feet. We developed the first EVA Foam Insole for nylon soled cycling shoes, giving cycling shoes a comfort that had previously been missing, and which has been our signature ever since. More recently, we designed to CX 241 Cycling Shoe, with an articulated upper, to ensure that it gives the very best comfort to cyclists with even the most troublesome feet.  
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