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Meet our Team – Lake Cycling Dealers
Written by Robert Thorpe Meet the Lake Cycling Team - Mark at Paceline Opened in 2016 by cycling enthusiast Mark Hanson, in a short timeframe Paceline cycles has become one of the ‘go to’ locations for Yorkshire based riders, looking...
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Gravel is Here to Stay
Written by Robert Thorpe Off Road Adventures with Lake Gravel biking is no longer just a new phenomenon. There are now regular events at all levels, all over the world. The UCI has just held the first ever Gravel Bike...
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Indoor Cycling with Lake

As we reach the off-season for road and mountain biking, and the colder, damper weather is better suited to those riders exploring the muddy cyclocross races and gravel trails, getting some training time on the interactive indoor trainer is a good idea. 

It’s also a great way to get used to your new Lake Cycling Shoes, and to make those necessary adjustments to cleat position before you hit the roads once more. Read our latest blog on indoor interactive cycling, and let’s help you to maximise your new Lake Cycling Shoes. Simply click the link in our bio. 

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Why Wide Shoes Will Benefit You
- by Robert Thorpe, October 1, 2022 WIDTH VERSUS VOLUME  Cycling shoes can be a mixed bag for most riders. Historically, many brands have produced narrow shoes, and shoes that look slim and sleek, but which don’t allow your foot to spread...
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